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Hey mama!

Take a seat,

grab a treat,

let's talk.




As moms, it can be so lonely. Sometimes it feels like you are the only one trying

to figure this all out That you are juggling 100 different things and you are

dropping all of them.


What you may not know, or realize, is that other people are struggling with the

same things that you are going through.


We've started this podcast to help you feel encouragement, joy, and to find

community and sisterhood when you tune in each week!


Listen as we speak with inspiring professionals and dive deep into the exact things

you're struggling with. Start to recognize your true self worth and feel how much

you are needed and loved.


No more feeling alone, lost or misunderstood.

There is a seat for you at our counter!

You don't have to do this alone. You have an entire community of women here

to talk you through those problems, laugh with you, and cry with you.

The Podcast

Join the Conversations

come sit with us, laugh with us, cry with us, and learn with us as we talk about the different challenges and problems we face today as moms, wives, sisters, and women in these candid conversations.

We don't shy away from hard topics. If we think you need to hear it, we'll do an episode on it. We bring on experts and say what you need to hear, just as if we were in person!


Take a look at our episodes, subscribe, and leave us a review! Please feel free to nominate any experts or apply to be on the show as well. We can't wait to learn and grow with you!

As sisters, together with our mom, we wanted to create a place where other women and moms felt heard and understood. We always gather at our kitchen counter and we're opening up a seat for anyone else who wants to join us!

Take a seat,

grab a treat,

AND let's talk!

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