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Meet the women behind the show

The kitchen is a place where we spent many hours laughing together, crying together, and growing together through hard times. It's a place where everyone was always welcome. Friends, family, and even strangers sitting around, grabbing a fork, and digging in!


We always consider the kitchen (and the table!) as the heart of our homes and for 12 years, we've shared delicious recipe on Six Sisters' Stuff to help you gather your family in your kitchen as well. But now, we're taking it a step further. As sisters, together with our mom, we wanted to create a place where other women and moms felt heard and understood.


So now, we're opening up our kitchen table to YOU. Come sit with us, laugh with us, cry with us, and learn with us as we talk about the different challenges and problems we face today as moms, wive, sisters, and women in these Kitchen Counter conversations. Take a seat, grab a treat, and let's talk!

Welcome to our Table!


CamilleLoves: Nachos, true
crime podcasts, and
slow mornings with
her family.
KristenLoves: Playing sports, being a
girl mom, and her Instant Pot.
LaurenLoves: Podcasts, Diet Dr.
Pepper, and going on
family walks.
StephLoves a good book,
Disneyland, and traveling
with her family.
KendraLoves: Spending time
with her family outside,
exercising, and muddy
CydneyLoves: Exercising, anything
chocolate, and spending
time with her grandkids.

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